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Phys4052 Spring 2001 Projects

The oral presentations will be given in room Phys210 at 12:20 PM and last about 15 minutes each.

Project Title and Web Page Link

Student Name

1st  Oral Presentation

2nd  Oral Presentation  

Analysis of Detector Noise in a High Radiation Environment Johnsen, Justin
Uzpen, Brian
2/19/2001 5/4/2001
Investigation of Liquid Crystals Using Depolarized Light Microscopy Berezovsky, Jesse 2/19/2001 4/27/2001
Period Measurements of Red Variable Stars in Infrared Alden Jr, Robert
Peshman, Nicholas
2/19/2001 4/30/2001
Cerenkov Radiation Dale, Thomas
Gens, Zachary
2/21/2001 5/4/2001
Measurement of PbWO4 Emission Spectrum as a Function of Time Johnson, Chad 2/21/2001 5/2/2001
Surface Composition of Silver-Coated Cobalt Films Fister, Timothy 2/21/2001 4/30/2001
Measurement of Muon Lifetime and Cosmic Ray Properties Hansen, Angela
Kavic, Michael
2/26/2001 4/30/2001
Semiconductor Bandgap Measurements Pint, John
Stevens, Jeffrey
2/26/2001 4/27/2001
Measurement of Laser Coherence by Photon Counting Statistics Rewey, Jeremy
Stromberg, Ryan
2/26/2001 4/25/2001
Laser Doppler Velocity Baisch, Nathan
Roberts, John
2/28/2001 5/2/2001
Harmonic Oscillator and Chaos Kane, Daniel
Powell, Adam
2/28/2001 5/4/2001
Elucidation of Granular Jamming in a 2D Hopper Kast, David
Song, Jeeseon
3/2/2001 4/27/2001
Amplitude Measurements from Fresnel Zone Plates Edwards, Nathan
Fisher, Daniel  
3/2/2001 5/2/2001


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