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Spring 2006 Student Projects


Project Student Name Advisor Initial
Final Presentation
Agitated Granular Media  Barnes, Elizabeth
Beisang, Daniel
Hill K. 2/24/06 5/1/06
Breaking Speeds of Plastics  Abdullah, Mohamad
Ambrose, Daniel
Wick K.   2/24/06 5/1/06
Carrier Charge Density in Hall Effect Vassiliev, Kiril Crowell P. 2/24/06 4/28/06
Corrections to Drude Conductivity Due to Weak Localization Bongaarts, John
Ehrlichman, Michael
Haupt. J. 2/27/06 4/28/06
e+ / e- Pair Production / Annihilation Gressman, Michele
Pogemiller, James
Speakman B.   2/27/06 4/28/06
Effect of Lens Fracture on Incoming Signal Raach, Catherine
Schafer, Gina
Hanany S.  2/27/06 4/26/06
Energy Distribution of Particle Showers  Hamann, Michael
Weaver, Timothy
Haupt. J. 3/1/06 4/26/06
Faraday Rotation Stewart, Andrew
Trandem, Kienan
Wick K. 3/1/06 4/26/06
Holographic Interferometer Campbell, Ian
Wetterlund, Marcus
Speakman B. 3/1/06 4/24/06
Muon Life Time and Mass Hennen, Christopher
Sirny, Dustin
Speakman B. 3/3/06 4/24/06
Acoustophoresis Johnson, Daniel
Steilen, Daniel
Mans J. 3/3/06 4/21/06
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Dos Santos, Troy
Pearson, Daniel
Haupt J.  3/6/06 4/21/06
Optical Tweezers  Karlstad, Rolf
Peterson, Joseph
Wick K. 3/6/06 4/21/06
Particle Shower Size Beebe, Gretchen
Peters, Ryan
Mans J. 3/6/06 4/19/06
Photon Statistics Berliner, Daniel
Moody, Brian
Haupt. J. 3/8/06 4/19/06
Sonoluminescence  Conneran, Renae
Halberg, Justin
Haupt. J. 3/8/06 4/19/06
Superconductivity Suppression in Nanowires by Bulk Superconductors Bruzzone, Daniel
Buchholz, Jessica
Goldman A.  3/8/06 5/1/06
Tension in a Smectic Liquid Crystal Film LaGrave, Tyler
Voshell, Nicholas
Wang C.C. 3/8/06 4/17/06
Timereversed Acoustics Quosig, David
Shovelain, Justin
Mans J.   3/6/06 4/17/06

Last Updated: 06/01/2006