Phys 5123 Student Projects:

  1. Eames, Peter and Hill, Bradford: Analysis of Magnetic Decay in Magnetic Media
  2. Schram, Melissa and Yam, Patrick: Characteristics of the Transitional and Chaotic States in Taylor-Couette Flow
  3. Zuniga, Robert: Cavitation Via Sonoluminescence and Frequency Components
  4. Bram, Michael and Stone, William: Lifetime of Muons
  5. Speakman, Ben and Stenzel, Ben: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Through Cold Plasma
  6. Amini, Hassib and Torikoshi, Kenichi: Measurement of the Velocity of Second Sound in 4He Near the Lambda Point
  7. Clayton, Steven and Plowman, Jason: Low Pressure Gauge Based on the Motion of a Magnetically Levitated Particle
  8. Webster, Jennifer and Todd, Jeremy: Electron Spin Resonance
  9. Effenberger, Allen and Engebretson, Dave: Device for Measuring He3-He4 Ratio
  10. Greisen, Christoffer and Huber, Jon: Low Energy Electron Diffraction
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