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Project # Name Project
1 Braun, Tom
Wolfe, Jason
Calibration of the CLEO RICH Photo-Detector
2 Fisher, Wade
Savage, Chris
Studies of Hybrid Photo Diodes
3 Dolney, Derek
Onken, Christopher
Construction and Calibration of a Search Coil Magnetometer
4 Edwards, Nathan Effects on Annealing on Relative Abundances of the Isomers of PrCu4Al
5 Beauchane, Laura
Grundstrom, Erika
Influence of Diffraction and "Mesoscopic" Disorder on Vortex Dynamics
6 Durand, Adrian
Skinner, Joseph
Magnetic Cooling Using Paramagnetic Salts
7 Blood, Jason Micro Pulsation
8 Gaalaas, John
Peffer, Philip
Radon Concentration in Rainwater During a Rainfall
9 Halverson, Mark Surface Tension in Liquid Crystal Films